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Antique Knives

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T.W. & J Walker Bowie Knife and Sheath

Item #: K900   SOLD   



Beaded Leather Knife Sheath with Hair, Includes Trade Knife

 Item #A511 /  $1,000.





Civil War Folding Dirk - Marked IDFY

Item #K800     $1,400.


101 Ranch Knife & Sheath / Ponca City, OK

Item # K300    $750.   


Maher & Grosh Antique Knife

Item #K333    $150.    


Single Civil War Era Wood-Handled Fork

Item #CW419     $350.       


Single Civil War Era Wood-Handled Fork - Clover Pattern

Item #CW418     $350.       


Civil War Dagger with Sheath

Item #: K412    SOLD



Blacksmith's File Dagger (with Sheath)

Item #: K510    SOLD


Early Sheffield MANSON Dirk with Sheath

Item #: K511   SOLD


Arkansas Toothpick

Item #: K130   $960.   SOLD


Antique AKXLN Dirk (with Sheath)

Item # K505     SOLD




Antique Antler Folding Dirk

Item #: K820       SOLD


Antique Dubost Folding Dirk  

                                                    Item #: K801        SOLD     

Antique Sheffield Folding Dirk

Item #: K430        SOLD        


Antique Cowboy / Bunkhouse Knife

Item # K221           SOLD        


Antique Cowboy / Bunkhouse Knife

                                                                              Item # K520          SOLD             


Alfred Williams Deer Leg Dirk

Item # K400       SOLD   


Utica Knife & Razor Co. Vintage Skinner

Item # K109   SOLD        


5 Matching Civil War Era 3-Tined Forks

Item #CW415    $900.  






Set of  7- Civil War Era Wood-Handled Cutlery

Item #CW420     SOLD   





R. Bunting Antique Cowboy / Bunkhouse Knife

Item # K177     SOLD





Antique Gambler's Dirk

Item # K103      SOLD





Antique Gambler's Dirk

Item # K101      SOLD





Bureau of Indian Affairs Skinner

Beaded Sheath, Button and Period Notes

Item #: A410     SOLD




Ulster Knife Co. 1917 Red Cross Issued Knife/Spoon Folding Set

Item #K300           SOLD






IDFY Folding Dirk Antler Folding Dirk Sheffield Folding Dirk Dubost Folding Dirk Civil War Dagger File Dagger Arkansas Toothpick T.W. & J. Walker Manson Silver Dagger Utica Skinner Deer Leg Dirk AKXLN Dirk Bunting Antler Antler Knife 3 Gambler's Dirks Ladies' Dirk Ulster Knife/Spoon Bunkhouse Knife 101 Ranch Maher & Grosh Civil War Fork 1 Civil War Fork 2 1860's 3-Tined Forks 1860's Cutlery 

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