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John B. Stetson was a Philadelphia businessman who began his hat company Philadelphia in 1865.  His decision to mass-produce the hat like the one he had fashioned for himself out of necessity during a lengthy Western expedition began the evolution of the signature headwear that is recognized the world over as the American Cowboy Hat. Stetson's "Boss of the Plains" with its high crown and wide flat brim became the prototype for all other cowboy hat designs.  As the company evolved, the Stetson company offered many styles of cowboy hats in their catalogs, ranging from a run-of-the-mill hat to a 10X of the highest quality beaver or nutria made with exquisite hand styling and impeccable workmanship.  Often, custom-made orders for the these exclusive and unique hats were placed by specific hardware and tack shops across the country.  These orders can be identified by the addition of the name of the shop to the Stetson maker mark in the inside hat band.  This is a sign of the higher quality and customized design.  HISTORY CONTINUED BELOW...

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John B. Stetson

The John B. Stetson / Maurice L Rothschild 1915 Gold Medal Bowler in Original Box

Item #CH309                                     $2,600.

Sale Price: $1,400 and Free Shipping!




Stetson Black Carlsbad Crease Hat with Original Band

Item #CH705               SOLD        








The John B. Stetson Gus - Bar-B-Q Ranch

Item #CH350                             $1,600.

Sale Price: $1,200 and Free Shipping!







[PHOTO]          Gene Autry's Shudde (Signed) Stetson In Original Box

                   Item #CH172                           $1,800.



[PHOTO]         The Max J. Meyer & John B. Stetson Boss of the Plains

                  Item #CH205                                 $1,200.



The "Harry Yesness" Stetson

Item #CH025                              $1,000.

Sale Price: $750 and Free Shipping!





Leather Band 10X Stetson

Item #CH555                    SOLD





The Governor Paul McNutt Stetson from Cheyenne, WYO

 Item #CH102                              $2,000.

Sale Price: $1,550 and Free Shipping!







The Stetson Native American - Personalized Whippet Fedora with Rattlesnake Band

Item #CH075           SOLD                         





Carlsbad Crease Official "Gus" Stetson with Woven Band

Item #CH701                                   $950.

Sale Price: $750 and Free Shipping!






Carlsbad Crease Stetson with Turquoise, Coral and Silver Band

Item #CH400                                      $750.

Sale Price: $650 and Free Shipping!






Stetson Character Hat with Original Band

Item #CH707                SOLD







High Brim Stetson

Item #CH552                    SOLD






The "Gunfighter" Stetson

Item #CH050                              SOLD









15X Rancher Stetson

Item #CH507                            SOLD





The "Rancher" Nutria Quality Stetson

Item #CH150                          SOLD





Cowboy Stetson - With Lining and Original Band

Item #CH492                $350.

Sale Price: $250 and Free Shipping!





[PHOTO]                                           The Campaign Style Real Nutria Quality Stetson

                                                     Item #CH210                                        $250.



Rattlesnake Band 3X Stetson Stampede

Item #CH190                  $300.

Sale Price: $250 and Free Shipping!



101 Ranch

The 101 Ranch Miller Brothers 18x Beaver

Item #CH200                       SOLD





The 101 Ranch 2X Vintage "Stratoliner" Fedora

Item #CH085                              $500.

Sale Price: $350 and Free Shipping!







Ladies' Vintage Rose Bowl Customized Parade Hat Set {Gloves, Scarf, etc...}

Item #CH144                        SOLD








Maker Unknown

Pawnee Bill's Cowboy Hat - Autographed by Wild West Show Greats

Item #UA1041                             SOLD





Prison Made Hitched Horsehair Hatbands

 Prison-Made Antique Hitched Horsehair Hat Band

 Item #HB040                                 SOLD







Prison-Made Antique Hitched Horsehair Hat Band

 Item #HB100                                SOLD






Prison-Made Antique Hitched Horsehair Hat Band

 Item #HB042                                         $400.






Prison-Made Antique Hitched Horsehair Hat Band

 Item #HB110                                SOLD






Prison-Made Antique Hitched Horsehair Hat Band

 Item #HB044                                         $400.

Sale Price: $350 and Free Shipping!





Bead and Quill Hat Band

 Item #HB045                                        SOLD






The cowboy hat has become a symbol of Western pride, though back in the day when these vintage hats were made, they were much, much more.  The cowboy's hat was a regular and necessary part of the his daily wear. The wide brim made quick work of fanning a fire. It could be used to whip a horse, wave to distant riders, and yes, even lend an air of grace and prestige to the man beneath its brim. And, of course, during inclement weather, the cowboy hat served as a very effective umbrella or sunscreen. 

The cowboy hat became a kind of calling card of the wearer.  Although it was worn throughout the West, the way a man wore his hat would show where he was from - the crease, style, shape and size was very regional and would show the wearers socio-economic status as well.   It has been said that with a subtle adjustment to the brim and a couple of extra dents in the crown, a man could indicate that he was from the northern regions of Montana, Idaho and Nevada or the rough plains of Texas, the wind-whipped ranges of the Rockies or the low deserts of New Mexico.

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Bar-B-Q Ranch Gus Stetson Bowler Gene Autry Gov. Paul McNutt Harry Yesness Max J. Meyer Rattlesnake Whippet Nutria Rancher 101 Ranch -18X 101 Ranch-2X New Mexico Stetson Vintage Gus Stetson Cowboy Stetson Character Nutria Campaign Hat The Gunfighter Stetson Stampede Rose Parade Horsehair Hatband 1 Horsehair Hatband 2 Horsehair Hatband 3 Horsehair Hatband 4 Horsehair Hatband 5 Quill Hatband 

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